The Patio Farmer is a consultation service in Charlotte, North Carolina that works to educate, assist and empower individuals to grow food in small spaces – ie: patios, balconies, porches, etc. through a unique design for your space as well as installation, maintenance and follow-up support.  

How many times have you tried to grow a tomato plant during the summer and it died? 

How many years have you gone to Lowe's to stock up on plants, soil, etc. to grow a delicious garden at home only to have it let you down? 

If this is ringing some bells, The Patio Farmer is here for you! 

Services Include: 

Out of Town Services
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As a city experiencing exponential growth and develop, Charlotte is seeing an influx of people who, 

1) live in apartments, town homes or houses with small backyards thus, 

2) lack enjoyable green space in their home

While most of us are happy that we don’t have to mow the yard every Saturday afternoon we do have this nagging tendency towards the green and living. The Patio Farmer provides YOU the opportunity to create green space (no matter the size) that produces home-grown food.