Windcrest Organics is the official plant partner for The Patio Farmer! 

Mary Roberts, Owner of Windcrest Organics, has been farming and raising baby plants in the Charlotte area since 1978. She and her husband, Ray, operate a 14 acre farm (with greenhouses!) in Monroe, NC. They are Certified Organic and each year provide markets and home growers with over 250,000 heirloom vegetable, flower and herb plants! 

I (Erin) am SO excited to be partnering with Mary this year for plants. Its an incredible opportunity to be able to offer clients plants that are organically grown and have been loved and tended locally. 

To learn more about Windcrest Organics, visit their website. 

The Abandon Project is a non-profit partner based in East Charlotte. Their mission is to partner with neglected neighborhoods, create healthy community and break negative cycles that limit development. 

Jenny, of The Abandon Project, and Erin, of The Patio Farmer, became friends while working the fields of an urban farm in East Charlotte. Erin was the Farm Manager and Jenny was a dedicated "super volunteer." 

The Patio Farmer is assisting The Abandon Project create a community garden in East Charlotte. 

To learn more about The Abandon Project, visit their website. 

SkillPop provides classes in your community for creators, dreamers and life-long learners! 

The Patio Farmer became a SkillPop instructor in fall 2018 and is SO PUMPED to be partnered with them. They are an amazing team that make learning a new skill fun, exciting and seamless. They're always sharing new class listings and offer a wide range of topics from floral arranging to DIY home decor to improving leadership skills to food photography and pet portraits! 

They offer classes in Charlotte, Lake Norman, Greenville, Raleigh and Nashville. 

For more information on SkillPop, visit their website. 

100 Gardens has been a community partner since Day 1! Sam Fleming, the Director of the organization, was the influential nudge behind the establishment of The Patio Farmer. 

100 Gardens is focused on installing aquaponics systems in schools and places of need. They operate 10 gardens in Charlotte as well as others across the east coast and in Haiti. 100 Gardens hosts its annual fundraiser, the Homegrown Tomato Festival in July. 

For more information on 100 Gardens, visit their website.