Seeds on 36th & 100 Gardens

Seeds on 36th is "a new type of garden center, focused on providing quality supplies for gardening of all kinds as well as classes and expert advise. Seeds on 36th is a place where you can shop, learn, and grow!"

The Patio Farmer partners with Seeds on 36th for all containers, soil, plant food and supplies. By working with The Patio Farmer you are helping support Seeds on 36th, a local small business whose profits benefit a non-profit organization that helps people in our own community.

Seeds on 36th is located at 200 East 36th Street, Charlotte, NC 28206

For more information about Seeds on 36th, click here

Seeds on 36th supports 100 Gardens, a Charlotte non-profit organization whose mission is to "provide exciting and engaged learning opportunities by implementing aquaponics and urban farming programs in schools, institutions and in communities of need."

Proceeds from sales at Seeds on 36th directly support the mission and vision of 100 Gardens. This means by working with The Patio Farmer you are also directly supporting the work being done by this non-profit organization. 

For more information about 100 Gardens, click here