Official Plant Partner of The Patio Farmer

The Patio Farmer is committed to sourcing locally grown, Certified Organic plants. By working with Windcrest Organics, The Patio Farmer is able to source Certified Organic, seasonal vegetable, herb and fruit starts for clients in the Charlotte region. 

There are TWO ways you can order plants from Windcrest Organics: 

1. Order through The Patio Farmer by sending an email to 

2. Order through Windcrest Organics directly by clicking here (or the logo below

Choose #1 if you want plants delivered AND are interested in purchasing services through The Patio Farmer (Installation, Maintenance, etc.) or if you also need containers, soil, seeds, additional supplies or are interested in "done for you" kits and packages.

Choose #2 if you only want plants and / or plant food delivered. 

Delivery is available to any customer living within 35 miles of Uptown Charlotte. Delivery is $10 / order. 

Windcrest Organics is a UDSA Certified Organic farm and greenhouse established in 1978 in Monroe, NC. After twenty years as a corporate instructor and project manager, Farm Owner, Mary Roberts, turned her passion for growing plants organically into a business that supplies market farmers and home gardeners with over 300,000 heirloom vegetable, flower, herb and fruit plants each year. In addition, she grows fresh produce, herbs and cut flowers for flowers for local families, markets and restaurants. 

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