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An exclusive membership for in-depth, next-level plant growing techniques, advice and tidbits from planting and seeding to maintenance and harvest.


a monthly grow kit for a curated specialty crop. Kits will include containers, soil, seed or plant and a tool you can use again and again. All you need to add is sunshine, water, and love. Delivery fees included. Deliveries will be made on the first Friday of each month. 

exclusive access to a monthly, hour-long, virtual plant chat to address questions, concerns, and more about that month’s plant (and anything else you are growing).

access to a private Facebook Group to chat and discuss plant things, plus be added to The Patio Farmer's "Close Friends" list on Instagram for additional content  

weekly newsletters with videos and maintenance information PLUS information and special offers from Plant Club partners, Nourish, Verde Tribe and Ekologicall

exclusive savings with The Patio Farmer including half-off delivery ($5 / order instead of $10) and 10% off select promotions, kits, bundles and packages


October – Perpetual Lettuce Start growing lettuce outdoors this fall and continue growing indoors through the winter!

  • 6” Concrete Planter from Queen City Crete ($25 value!) filled with Happy Frog Potting Soil

  • Perpetual Lettuce Seed

  • Tool: Re-Usable Produce Bag

Plant Chat: Thursday, October 15 from 6-7pm

November – Overwintered Garlic Learn how to grow garlic all winter long. Plus, plant food to feed all your babies at home! 

  • 12” Black Plastic Pot filled with Happy Frog Potting Soil

  • Garlic Seed

  • Tool: Mary’s Mineral Mix

Plant Chat: Thursday, November 19 from 6-7pm

December – Coffee Ground Mushrooms Start saving your coffee grounds! Good for compost, even better for ‘shrooms!

  • Mushroom Cultivar Kit (spores)

  • Tenting Supplies (humidity control)

  • Tools: Bandana, Spray Bottle

Plant Chat: Thursday, December 10 from 6-7pm


Deadline to register for October's Plant Club is 10/1/2020.


$195 / quarter (only $65 / month) 

Special Rate for Existing Clients: 

$177 / quarter (only $59 / month)

Special Rate for Annual Subscriber (Half or Full): 

$156 / quarter (only $52 / month, a 20% savings)


Nourish is a vegan meal delivery service led by Head Chef, Julia Simon. Julia is a goddess of plant-based cuisine. Julia will share monthly techniques and recipes for each item grown. Plant Club members will receive 15% OFF their first Nourish delivery.

Verde Tribe is an online plant shop that LOVES all things local! Plants are hand-picked from local nurseries, and planters are made by local artists. They offer deliveries in the Charlotte area and Virtual Plant House Calls. Veronica will be sharing monthly tips for caring for your houseplants through fall. Plant Club members will receive 15% OFF a purchase of $40 or more from Verde Tribe.

Ekologicall is a Zero Waste and Refill shop that helps you transition to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Valerie offers a wide range of eco-friendly products that are reusable, refillable, and/or compostable for your home, kitchen, bathroom and more! She will share with you easy tips to embark on a low waste journey. Plant Club members will receive 15% OFF their first order from Ekologicall.


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