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Growing Resources

The Patio Farmer is here to help your green thumb grow! This page lists available publications and resources created by The Patio Farmer to help you in your food growing journey. All of these resources are priced affordably to help you build your own library of expertise and help guide your growing journey!

Purchase a digital Maintenance Plan from The Patio Farmer this season to feel fully supported in your growing journey from seeding or planting to tending, treating, watering, feeding, harvesting and storing! Maintenance Plans are a comprehensive "how to" guide for all the things you're growing.


Once you have purchased this Maintenance Plan, The Patio Farmer will send you a link to select all the crops you're growing this season. From there, The Patio Farmer will create your very own, custom growing guide.

The Patio Farmer hosts an online community through Circle for clients and customers to troubleshoot, celebrate and get clarification on what is going on in their growing spaces!


This is a direct line to The Patio Farmer for seeking help and guidance with the ability to upload photos, ask detailed questions, send direct messages and get quick answers! Circle is also a way to connect with fellow growers across the Charlotte area. Circle subscriptions are included with Plant Club membership and Annual Subscriptions.

Hands-down the most comprehensive growing guide published by The Patio Farmer to-date! With nearly 50 pages of information, this digital resource walks you through a year's worth of growing guidance and focuses on mastering six key skills. Calendar includes worksheets, growing guides, and recipes too!

This calendar was published in January 2022 and contains tons of information around starting plants from seed across 17 pages.

This calendar was published in January 2021 and contains tons of planning guidance and coaching across 16 pages

This 11-page guide walks you through common summer plant diseases and how to treat them.

This is a 21 page digital guide to identifying, diagnosing and treating summer pest issues in your growing space.

This guide includes tips and tricks for keeping larger animals such as squirrels, birds, bunnies and deer away from your growing space. Guide also includes a recipe for homemade repellent to try!

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