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Grow food in all spaces!

No matter what size space you have, from acres to big backyards to patios, porches, and balconies, The Patio Farmer believes you CAN grow food! Whether you are starting from scratch, looking for a few new tricks and tips or need help tackling a big (or small) project, The Patio Farmer is here to assist by walking alongside you as you grow OR jump in to do the work for you! The Patio Farmer's services and offerings are designed to meet you where you are in your growing journey, and find joy in the magic of growing your own food!

Hey friend!

I'm Farmer Erin

Since 2017, I've been working with individuals and businesses who are interested in growing food. I got my food growing education by working on farms of all sizes and shapes, from large-scale Certified Organic CSA farms to smaller scale urban farms.


I specialize in container gardening, raised bed gardening, controlled environment agriculture (greenhouse production, hydroponics production, mushroom production), and edible landscaping. 

Come on in, take a peek at all my offerings and let me know how I can be helpful to YOU and your food growing journey! 


The Growing Space Podcast

Tune in each Tuesday for new episodes on growing food at home!

Listen on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio.

Find What Works for YOU!

The Patio Farmer is here to help you grow, and meet your needs where they are. Use the options below to find the starting point that's right for you!


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Are you looking for more in-depth, next level growing guidance?

Consider joining Plant Club by The Patio Farmer, a monthly subscription!

Join a community of home food growers through Plant Club by The Patio Farmer. Choose the membership level that's right for you!


Are you a business seeking assistance with maintaining edible plants?

Schedule a free, prospective business client consultation to talk through options!

The Patio Farmer offers weekly maintenance visits, seasonal crop rotation, and employing organic practices to growing food. 

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Perfect for the green thumb in your life! Consider purchasing a gift card for services from The Patio Farmer, in any amount!

A Local Expert
Home Food Growing



"I have been a subscriber to the Plant Club monthly deliveries since September 2021 and I couldn't be any happier with Erin and her company. Her customer service is top notch and it is just a joy to get my fabulously curated delivery each month."

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