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The Patio Farmer is seeking new business clients!

Are you a restaurant owner who is looking to incorporate more "farm to table" aspects to your brand? Are you a realtor looking for a unique "welcome home" gift idea for clients? Do you help manage an apartment community and want to add community gardens or edible landscaping to your space? Or maybe you're looking to build more sustainability practices into your company and want to offer a unique service.

If this resonates, let's chat! The Patio Farmer would love to work with you to build a plan for adding not only green space, but also edible space, to your business! The Patio Farmer can design, set-up, maintain and provide education for food growing spaces at businesses.

The Patio Farmer is committed to promoting resiliency and sustainability whenever possible. The Patio Farmer sources plants and plant food (fertilizer) from a local, Certified Organic farm in Monroe, NC. Plant foods used by The Patio Farmer are plant or mineral based and safe for organic production. The Patio Farmer employs companion planting and crop rotation as a first step towards preventing pest and disease issues. Any topical sprays or treatments used by The Patio Farmer are also safe for organic production and are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Current Business Clients


The Sawyer Providence Farm

Apartment Community in South Charlotte

Providing Weekly Services to tend Community Garden, Vertical Container Garden, Indoor Hydroponics

Provenza at Indian Trail
Apartment Community in Indian Trail
Providing weekly services tending raised beds in community garden


Dimensional Fund Advisors

Private Rooftop Raised Beds

Providing weekly services for tending raised beds in rooftop growing space for a private culinary program

Emerson at Montford Park

Apartment Community on Montford / Park Road 

Providing weekly services for tending an indoor hydroponic (soilless) growing system for residents in a shared community space 

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