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Are you looking for growing guidance, on-going support, and to become a part of a community of other home food growers?

If yes, joining Plant Club is perfect for you!

Membership Levels

Plant Club by the Patio Farmer offers an exclusive membership for in-depth, next-level plant growing techniques, advice and tidbits from planting and seeding to maintenance and harvest. Plant Club offers FOUR levels of membership to help you feel supported as you continue in your food growing journey! Read more below and find the one that's right for you! 

2023 Grow Kits

September -- Fall Brassicas: Brussels Sprouts OR Broccoli ah, a cool weather obsession, but alas a rather tricky crop to get the hang of it seems... so let's dig deep and conquer the basics of growing brussels and broccoli in September! 

  • 20-Gallon Grow Bag, Premium Soil 

  • 3-Pack of Certified Organic Brussels Sprout OR Broccoli Seedlings

  • Tool: Garden Cloche

October -- Hardy Spinach an easy-going, super prolific, winter-hardy green that can be seeded in mid-fall and grow through until spring

  • Grow Bag, Premium Soil 

  • Spinach Seeds 

  • Tool: Vejibag from Ekologicall, a Plant Club Partner

November -- Sage of Gratitude a favorite herb this time of year, ready to grow for in preparation of the holiday cooking season. Sage is a perennial herb that produces year-round. Let's celebrate and be grateful for all the special moments of the season with sage! 

  • Grow Bag, Premium Soil 

  • Certified Organic Sage

  • Tool: Local Tea Sachets sourced through Nourish Charlotte, a Plant Club Partner

December -- Shiitake Mushrooms mushrooms return to the Plant Club line-up for the end of the year! These little fungi will grow beautifully indoors, and don't worry, we'll walk through all the steps to finding the perfect little indoor nursery for them in December! 

  • Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit 

  • Tool: Deluxe Spray Bottle 

Plant Club Partners

Plant Club members receive content from these three, Charlotte-area eco-conscious and plant-based businesses every month! 

Nourish Charlotte is a vegan meal delivery service led by Executive Chef, Hannah Riley. Nourish Charlotte will share monthly techniques and recipes for each item grown.  

Ekologicall is a zero-waste and refill shop that helps you transition to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Valerie offers a wide range of eco-friendly products that are reusable, refillable, and/or compostable for your home, kitchen, bathroom and more! 

Street Fare Farm is a family-run four-season farm based in Concord, NC that seeks to foster the health of the community and of the Earth by producing high-quality and nutritionally-dense seasonal produce, pasture-raised non-GMO eggs, gourmet mushrooms and microgreens. 

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