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Are you looking for growing guidance, on-going support, and to become a part of a community of other home food growers?

If yes, joining Plant Club is perfect for you!

Membership Levels

Plant Club by the Patio Farmer offers an exclusive membership for in-depth, next-level plant growing techniques, advice and tidbits from planting and seeding to maintenance and harvest. Plant Club offers FOUR levels of membership to help you feel supported as you continue in your food growing journey! Read more below and find the one that's right for you! 

2024 Grow Kits

All Grow Kits, with the exception of January & February, will come with a re-usable grow bag with handles, prefilled with premium potting soil. All seeds included in the Grow Kits are either Certified Organic or open pollinated. Tools and products are safe for organic production.  

January - Herbs & Companions for Small Spaces 

Seeds include green onion, Italian parsley, Genovese basil, Greek oregano, and dwarf sunflowers. 

  • Tool: GROWTH, The Patio Farmer's 2024 Planning Calendar with 52 weeks of intentions, reminders, and advice for growing food at home

February - Seeding Tomatoes Inside 

Seeds include Roma and Peacevine cherry tomatoes. 

  • Tool: 2-Pack of LED Grow Light Bulbs (for use in ANY lamp or light fixture), seedling tray with greenhouse dome, peat moss seed starting pods 

March - Lettuce by the Head & Leaf 

Seeds include Buttercrunch head lettuce and a gourmet, red and green leaf lettuce mix. 

  • Tool: Seeding Hand Tool 


April - Cosmic Carrots 

Seeds include cosmic purple carrots and yaya carrots. 

  • Tool: Dual Harvest & Wash Basket 

May - Zesty Zucchini 

Seeds include dark green and cocozelle (heirloom) zucchini. 

  • Tool: Cold-pressed Neem Oil 

June - Edible Flowers

Seeds include Bachelor's Button, Nasturtium, and Marigolds.

  • Tool: Windchime, Chili Flakes

July - Mardi Gras Beans

Seeds include green, yellow and purple snap bush beans.

  • Tool: Rain Gauge 

August - Kale Yeah! 

Seeds include lacinato and red Russian kale.

  • Tool: Diatomaceous Earth with applicator

September - The Cutest Vegetable Ever

Seeds include Azur Star & Superschmelz kohlrabi. 

  • Tool: TBD

October - Rapid Radish 

Seeds include Halloween Mix and watermelon radish. 

  • Tool: Produce scrub brush 

November - Homegrown Garlic 

Seeds include hardneck garlic varieties suited to growing in the southeast.

  • Tool: TBD 

December - Mint Tea 

Seeds (or plants) include mint and other tea-inspired herbs.

  • Tool: Peppermint Essential Oil 

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