Farmer Erin got her bread and butter farm education while working on a 20-acre Certified Organic production farm in northwestern Pennsylvania. She has worked on an urban farm in central London, an organic farm in eastern Iceland and several local farms in Charlotte and Concord. For 2 seasons, Erin was the Farm Manager at the Urban Farm at Garinger High School in east Charlotte.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Global Studies from Appalachian State University and a Master of Arts in Global Ethics and Human Values from King’s College London. 

Erin and her boyfriend, Marshall, currently operate a 1.6 acre homestead in northwest Charlotte with backyard goats, chickens, a healthy compost pile and of course, several raised beds and a container garden. 

Outside of food production, you can find Erin at an auction or antique mall, dabbling in home projects, researching the next addition to the homestead, traveling (equal parts beach bum and mountain momma), tending to their saltwater aquarium, eating delicious food and cuddling their black lab, Eleanor and border collie, Loopy.