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In-Home Services

Whether you're starting from square one or you have a few seasons (or years) of food growing under your belt, The Patio Farmer is here to help your green thumb grow! The Patio Farmer provides a series of in-home, customizable, and a la carte services to support you in your food growing journey. 

The services below are offered in-home and provided on a one-on-one basis. Some are offered virtually (when applicable). 

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The best place to start is with a Consultation. Schedule a 45-minute conversation with The Patio Farmer to discuss options for your current or future growing space. 

All Consultations include follow-up notes with suggestions for next steps. 

Consultations are offered in-person or virtually.



Ready to plant but feeling intimidated with knowing how to organize and space your crops? Let's plant together! Schedule a 60-90 minute planting session with The Patio Farmer to get your space set for the season without second guessing your decisions.

The Patio Farmer can provide plants, seeds, soil, plant food, and other plant care supplies as needed. 

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Raised Bed Installation

Want to add a new raised bed to your growing space? The Patio Farmer loves building raised beds for clients. 

A raised bed installation should follow an initial Consultation to discuss options, create a site plan, and coordinate supplies. 

Options for micro-drip irrigation systems can be discussed for your space too.

Maintenance Services

Want support with maintaining your plants from season to season? The Patio Farmer is here to help! From instruction and troubleshooting support, to in-home visits and plant sitting, let's find what works best for you!


Maintenance Plan


Maintenance Visit

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Out of Town Visit

Keep growing all season long with a custom maintenance plan with tips on planting, spacing, sun requirements, feeding, watering, harvesting, pest & disease control and more! 

Maintenance Plans are customized to your space and the seasonal crops you're tending. 

Maintenance Plans are created as digital tools and can be helpful to have before and after your plant for a season! 

Need help? Want a set of seasoned eyes to come take a look at your space and your veggie babies?


Invite The Patio Farmer over for a little farm tour and troubleshooting. We'll walk through your space, answer any questions you have, troubleshoot any issues and brainstorm creative solutions to some of those pesky plant challenges. 

Travel at ease knowing you have someone coming to take care of your plants while you're away!


During each visit, The Patio Farmer will water, scout for pests and disease, treat issues, feed (as needed), trellis, prune and harvest (upon request). 

Text updates shared after each visit so you know how all your babies are doing in your absence.

Take a Class!

The Patio Farmer teaches classes each month through SkillPop, a learning for fun company based in Charlotte, NC. SkillPop offers expert-led in-person and online classes.


The Patio Farmer teaches Patio Farming Basics, Backyard Basics and rotating, seasonally specific classes from March to September.

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