Let's get started planning your space! Whether you're starting from square one or are a seasoned patio farmer looking for new ideas, this is a great place to start! We'll discuss all the options and brainstorm a couple different plans that are unique to your space. 


45-60 minute, in-person or virtual planning session 

Written summary of conversation and suggested next steps 

Rough cost for supplies and set-up 

Revisions until the perfect plan is set! 




Interested in having help set-up your space or implement a new growing project? Let me help install! We can do it together or you can leave it to me, up to you!  


60-90 minute, in-person installation or virtual guidance session 

+ 15 minute maintenance lesson for new crops 

Can source, purchase and deliver all supplies needed 

Client responsible for cost of supplies and materials  



$25 minimum order

The Patio Farmer is now offering contactless delivery for plants, seeds, soil, containers, plant food, pest/disease control, trellising supplies and more! 

Minimum order is $25. 

Delivery fees apply. 

$10 for delivery within Mecklenburg County

$15 for delivery to Cabarrus, Gaston, Union, Iredell, York and Lancaster Counties

Contact for delivery fees to counties not listed above




Keep growing all season long with a custom maintenance plan with tips on planting, spacing, sun requirements, feeding, watering, harvesting, pest & disease control and more! 


Custom, Written Maintenance Plan tailored to your space 

Unlimited Troubleshooting 

Maintenance Visits are 50% OFF ($25) for anyone with a Maintenance Plan 




Need help? Want a set of seasoned eyes to come take a look at your space and your veggie babies? Invite me over for a little farm tour and troubleshooting. We'll walk the farm (big or small) and assess. I'm happy to answer any questions, treat any issues and brainstorm creative solutions to some of those pesky plant  challenges. 

Schedule a Maintenance Visit. 




Travel at ease knowing you have someone coming to take care of your plants while you're away! During each visit, The Patio Farmer will water, scout for pests and disease, treat issues, feed (as needed), trellis, prune and harvest (upon request). 

Text updates shared after each visit so you know how all your babies are doing in your absence.




Let's go shopping together! I can help you pick out product, plants, soil, containers, plant food, the whole nine yards! We'll get you set-up with all the things you'll need and the knowledge to come back for more (of the good stuff!) 


60 minutes of shopping at one retail location