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My Favorite Retailers

Alrighty, here it is... my list of regular (ahem, weekly) haunts for buying supplies for my growing space and others, and the reasons why I love them all!  

  1. Windcrest Organics - I literally don't know what I would do without Mary and her team! They grow almost all my plant babies. Windcrest Organics is a Certified Organic farm and greenhouse located in Monroe, NC. Mary and Team Windcrest have been growing plants and food for the Charlotte area for over 15 years. Mary used to set-up at the Matthews Community Farmers Market on Saturday mornings but in 2020 (queue pivot!) she stepped away from the market and is opening an on-farm Garden Center this weekend!!! It's worth the drive to visit, and buy plants, of course. Why I love Windcrest Organics: They grow all Certified Organic plant babies and Mary blends her own, plant-based, organic plant food - two huge plusses in my book! 

  2. Renfrow Hardware - This Downtown Matthews mainstay is a gem in the crown of Charlotte, if you ask me! As soon as you step in, its like breathing fresh air. Truly. Everyone in the shop is super knowledgeable about growing plants of all kinds, including flowers! They have a wonderful seed selection, greenhouse brimming with plants, soil, tools, soil amendments, even beneficial insects (yay!). Why I love Renfrow Hardware: their friendly smiles, helpful spirits and bounty of supplies! 

  3. American Beauty Garden Center - Located off Independence Boulevard, this hydroponic supply store is, ironically, where I love to buy soil (ok, and hydroponic supplies). This team of fellas is super passionate about growing in creative and innovative ways. They are also super knowledgeable about all things nutrients! Why I love American Beauty: they carry Happy Frog Potting Soil, need I go on? I purchase it by the carload, at least once a week, ha! They also keep their soil inside, so the bags are dry, and light (ish). 

Other retailers (and online sources) that are wonderful and you should absolutely visit for the experience, to buy plants, seeds, soil, containers, plant food, raised beds, and more from - 

Note on Lowe's... my favorite things to buy from Lowe's are mushroom compost and concrete masonry units (CMU's) aka my favorite "building blocks" for raised beds.


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