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The Patio Farmer's Big Book of BUGS!

The Patio Farmer's Big Book of Bugs is designed to give you an encyclopedia of common bugs (including insects, spiders, true bugs, caterpillars, and others) that are found in backyard / small space food growing areas.

There are good bugs, and bad bugs, included in this guide. This guide strives to catalogue the most common bugs you may find but is by no means, an exhaustive collection.

The bugs featured are divided by plant family. Use this as a reference to anticipate bugs that may affect your plants belonging to each plant family. There is also a category for "general bugs" which includes bugs affecting multiple families.

At the end of the guide, you'll find a list of best practices for reducing and mitigating pest issues in your space. You'll also find a list of supplies to keep in your "bug arsenal" for minimally invasive, safe-for-organic growing, solutions to these common pests.

The Patio Farmer's Big Book of BUGS is available in the online Resource Library, an exclusive benefit to being a Plant Club member. Membership starts at just $14 / month, and includes a FREE packet of seed, and tons of other member-only benefits too!

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