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My Favorite Seed Companies

There are oodles of places to source seed from. Each one is a little different, has their own specialty or focus. That's what makes seed shopping so fun. I also find that no matter the size of the selection, it's hard to find everything in one spot. Below are my favorite seed companies, my go-to's. 

I was introduced to Johnny's Selected Seed when I apprenticed on a Certified Organic Farm in Pennsylvania. Johnny's is focused on producing high-quality seed for primarily high production (v. home grower). They don't have flashy packaging but they do boast a fantastic germination (sprouting) rate of 95-99% on most of their varieties. I love the dependability of this brand! They also offer organic and open-pollinated seed, and have an amazing variety.

Offering 100% Certified Organic seed is a HUGE appeal for ordering from High Mowing Organic Seed. I try to order as many organic options as possible so this company makes it super easy by taking the guess work and extra step out of the way to make sure the seeds are Certified. The company offers a selection of vegetable, herb, fruit and flower seed with great germination rates. They cater to a mix of professional farmers and home growers. 

Ah, magical Baker Creek... They boast a massive variety of rare, heirloom, unique seeds and pouring over the pages of their catalog will leave you salivating. All seeds from Baker Creek are sold in small packets, catering to the home-scale grower but plenty of farmers buy from them too. A little word of wisdom - there is a reason why these seeds are "rare", they're super fun, but could be a little finicky to grow at home. Read the reviews.

Sow True Seed - North Carolina

I bundle these three companies together as I feel they operate under a similar ethos. There is a connection here to preserve seed, to celebrate the heritage and the story of seed, and promote community around seed within these companies. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Sow True Seed offer regionally specific seed. Seed Savers Exchange coordinates seed saving and sharing across a network of growers. These companies work with smaller farms to grow and produce seed for sale. Some even give back a portion of their sales to the communities they are located in. Very good vibes from these smaller companies! Great selections too. 

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